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How to Improve Trip Advisor Ranking for hotels: Tips 2021

TripAdvisor – largest Travel platform is important avenue for showcasing travel business services and offers, also browse millions of traveller reviews. It is not only helping travellers to find the good out but also play important role in brand reputation of businesses listed on it. Hotel industry is not an exception where online reviews have great influence on customer’s choice. Platform like TripAdvisor are trustable as it shows real reviews from real people. Hotels that have higher ranking on TripAdvisor well often get noticed and get more clients; influence business of hotels and increase their brand value. In this post we will include some crucial steps that help hoteliers to boost their TripAdvisor ranking.

Steps to improve TripAdvisor Ranking:

  1. Complete your TripAdvisor Profile: Always remember, first impression is your last impression. Your clients identify your property by the profile presented by you. The listing of TripAdvisor shows all the relevant information that your potential customer might looking for. Make sure to enter complete details of hotel, services, category, other informative content and Unique Sell points (USPs). Neat, clean and high quality photographs in proper order and videos are more appealing. TripAdvisor also allows you to share your contact information that may help travellers to contact you.
  • More Reviews, more clients: Higher number of positive reviews for your services and hospitality make you maintain a good reputation over your competitors. To increase number of reviews, TripAdvisor suggest just ask your guest to share their feedback. This will also help in better understanding that how customers perceive your services and you may also get a chance of improvement. TripAdvisor Review Campaigns are also helpful in reminding your guests by Email. With this automated system you will get more respond and spend less time in generating reviews. You can also explore other options in TripAdvisor management center.  

Some of the practices like offerings of gift cards, vouchers, discount and special treatments in exchange of reviews are prohibited by TripAdvisor. Similarly, fake reviews can affect your ranking negatively also as per TripAdvisor algorithm your all reviews or account will be closed on this platform.

Recency of reviews is also an additional factor with quality and quantity of reviews. Recent reviews have more impact on the TripAdvisor ranking, while the old one has less impression over time. So try to update and work on gaining feedback regularly.

  • Engage with Customers: Simply having quality and recent reviews is not enough. Responding of customer’s reviews and queries in honest way is also a key factor to improve your reputation on TripAdvisor. How you approach both positive and negative reviews can help your business to be more appealing for customers. Addressing the negative feedback of customer’s make their trust in your brand. Similarly responding to positive reviews also worthy. Ensure to read all guidelines of TripAdvisor before start responding; as it makes easy to connect with your guest in genuine way.
  • Earn a TripAdvisor Recognition or Award: There are two types of award TripAdvisor provides: first one is Certificate of excellence and the second one is Traveller choice awards. Certificate of excellence is awarded to the properties that have consistently received excellent reviews from clients while Travellers choice award is for best of the best in travel industry. In 2020, 4 hotels associated with Expand Hotels are awarded by TripAdvisor Traveller choice award.
  • Embed TripAdvisor Widgets: Adding TripAdvisor Widgets for writing a review or for rating by customers to your website or Facebook page make it easier to collect reviews. Rave review widget shows your most recent reviews on your website.

Conclusion: It is crucial to understand for hotels how ranking algorithm of TripAdvisor works. A summary of information is included in the post. Now you can understand the importance of TripAdvisor ranking as well as online reviews. So are you ready to try these tips or still have some queries. For any query related to how to improve TripAdvisor Ranking, contact Expand Hotels, our expertise team is always ready to help you.

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